Most organisations are not prepared

You will be hacked

Cyber security prevention solutions do not provide 100% protection and even the biggest organisations cannot prevent a successful breach of their IT systems.

You won’t notice

The average time an attacker remains undetected once they have successfully gained access to an organisation is 206 days according to research from IBM.

Months of damage

The massive data breaches at Sony, Target, and Mossack Fonseca (Panama Papers) all involved attackers with access to systems for months.

The AttackWise solution

  • AttackWise provides a detection and response provides capability for when an attacker bypasses prevention controls gains a foothold in your organisation.
  • AttackWise captures log data from IT systems and uses automated techniques to identify suspicious behavior.
  • AttackWise analysts provide human intelligence to investigate suspicious behavior and identify appropriate response.

AttackWise benefits

Respond 99% faster

AttackWise enables organisations to respond faster to attackers who have breached your prevention controls from an average of 210 days to just minutes. This dramatic response improvement directly limits the impact a persistent attacker will have to your organisation.

Managed service

AttackWise isn’t a software product that you wont have the time to operate. AttackWise is a managed service where advanced tools and expert humans power a security process that augment your own IT professionals. Because security is a process not a product.

Actionable insight

AttackWise provides regular reports with actionable insight. We identify specific actions arising from security events, incidents, emerging threats and due to the results from our own simulated attacks. This approach drives continual improvement in your Cyber defences.

What makes AttackWise unique?

We prove it works

Identifying the quality of a security solution is not a function of the features listed on a website, but rather proof a solution will perform in the real world. For this reason we simulate attacks on our customers (with their permission of course!) to prove our service works.

David not Goliath

AttackWise is a startup with a startup mentality. We provide a level of agility that providers with layers upon layer of middle management can only dream of. This means you get better engagement, better service, and a better security result.

Our guarantee

As a service based company your satisfaction is critical to our success. For this reason we guarantee your satisfaction with a money back 100 day guarantee for every new customer. We do this as we are confident of the value in our service.

AttackWise pedigree

AttackWise is a service from Peerless IT, an independent consulting company specialising in secure management of user identities and computing devices.

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